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Real Bookies

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Realbookies is considered one of the best in the per head business. We have been featured in CNN, Forbes, Gambling911, Sky Sports, Therx and other leading web sites. With over 20 years in the sports betting business and located in Costa Rica, Real Bookie Price Per Head bookmaking software service is the leading choice for local bookies, professional credit bookmakers and sports betting agents worldwide.

247 Per Head

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PayPerHead247 is without a doubt a logical choice in quality Pay Per Head Service needed to successfully operate an Offshore Bookmaking Service. Our commitment to you is real and we have had the same objective since we open our doors for business. We have thousands of satisfied customers that expect nothing but the best service from us and this helps us improve as time progresses.

RDG Corp

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Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. has become the Leading Provider of all the quality services that you need to successfully operate your sportsbook, racebook, casino, and Pay per head, website and to ensure that your business and profits grow. We can offer the entire package of online gaming solutions that takes all the guesswork out of getting your bookmaking business off the ground.

We've got the perfect package for you

No company is too big or too small for us

  • Turnkey Sportsbooks

    Turnkey Sportsbooks

    A turnkey label solution is also known as a white label solution. Get your own sportsbook today!

  • Racebook


    More than 70 tracks available, win, place, show, exactas, trifectas, daily doubles and more.

  • Live Sports Odds

    Live Sports Odds

    We offer live betting in NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA games, Soccer and other sports.

  • Virtual and Live Casino

    Virtual and Live Casino

    We offer both solutions, so your customers may choose what they like best; the best of both worlds in one unique platform.

  • Poker Rooms

    Poker Rooms

    We offer a standalone poker room with the capability of running Texas Hold’em along with single and multiple table tournaments.

  • RDG Sportbook Reviews

    RDG Sportbook Reviews

    RDG Corp is an industry leader among trusted brands in the sportsbook industry and we want to share our expertise with you.

What is Pay per Head?

Pay per head services are an online management service for local bookies. They allow local bookies to take their businesses online, while maintaining their own personal touch. Punters can gain access to wide range of information and services that will help them when placing their bets. These services are growing in popularity among local bookies and punters alike.

How Does Pay per Head Work?

The punters using the pay per head services are required to pay a fee per active customer they have. There may be the option for Internet only accounts and for Internet and phone accounts and these are typically in the region of $15-$20 per client. This makes the service financially worthwhile for the bookies who are able to offer a range of services for that fee. The pay per head service will then design, develop and maintain a website, set limits and accounts according to the bookie’s specifications, take care of all back-end management, offer a customer service center and more.

Why Use Pay per Head?

There are many benefits for a bookie when he makes use of pay per head services. The pay per head services allow the bookie to offer a much more streamlined and reliable service. The service provides detailed reports abut every aspect of your business, allowing you to keep track of your customers, betting, wins and losses, player activity and more. This additional information allows the punter to focus on the aspects of his business that require strengthening and to reinforce the areas that work well. The back-end management, as well as the customer service center are managed by the pay per head service, giving the bookie more time to spend on growing his business. Without the hassle of the day-to-day running of the site, the bookie is able to focus on increasing his customer base and improving his business.

There are many reasons that the pay per head services appeal to the punter as well. Besides for the more streamlined and reliable service that is offered, punters have access to a wealth of information all online in front of them. The sites are accessible and the service is available 24/7, giving the punter the flexibility to place bets whenever it suits him. Punters also have access to a much wider range of wagering types and sporting events, offering a more comprehensive service than those available with local bookies offline. Pay per head offers a safe and secure betting environment for punters.

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