Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Football is back in business with start of a new season in the college ranks and the NFL. This becomes the busiest time of the year for the entire sports betting industry. By far, the NFL remains the biggest draw for sports bettors all across the country followed by betting action on the college games. […]

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

One of the biggest business decisions any private bookie needs to make is which pay per head online sports betting software solutions provider best meets the needs of their business. Not all PPH services are created equal and shopping for one by price alone is a proven recipe for disaster. Whether you are new to […]

why use pay per head bookie software

Why Use Pay Per Head Bookie Software?

The sports betting industry across the United States and around the world has been evolving over the past few decades. Major advances in technology and online software applications have moved the bulk of the betting revenue generated onto the internet as opposed to a land-based sports betting venue. Offshore sportsbooks operating in legal jurisdictions in […]


How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Today’s advanced technology for online business applications have revolutionized a number of different industries over the past several years. Through continued investments into process improvement, technology continues to raise the bar for each of these industries year after year. When it comes to the multi-billion-dollar sports betting industry in the United States alone, these advanced […]

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

The term ‘pay per head’ automatically implies a set cost per person. Maybe it is a Sunday buffet or a trip to an old-time drive-in movie theater with a carload of people. For the purpose of highly sophisticated online sports betting software solutions, it pertains to the low weekly fee a bookie can pay for […]

How Safe and Secure is Your Pay Per Head Provider

How Safe and Secure is Your Pay Per Head Provider?

Given how much business is conducted online these days, internet security has become a top priority for both companies and customers. Hacks into systems and breaches of sensitive information are still major concerns. As security systems become more and more sophisticated, so do the cyber criminal’s attempts to bypass these added measures. For the most […]