Process Payments and Collections More Efficiently With PPH Bookie Services

Process Payments and Collections More Efficiently With PPH Bookie Services

Along with booking the actual sports bets, the most important aspect of a private bookie’s work tasks is to pay out winning bets while collecting the money for losing bets plus the commission or juice charged. The difference between the two figures is known has a bookie’s hold percentage. This is also the gross profit you will have made on that time frame’s sports betting action.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Given just how important these two tasks are to you operation’s cash flow and bottom-line profit, it makes all the sense in the world to employ a quality pay per head bookie software provider to aid in the process. For the weekly fee you pay for each of your active betting customers, there are three main ways your PPH service can help.

Individual Online Account Profiles

Once you decide to take your bookie business online with a price per head bookie software service, one of the first things you will want to do is set up individual account profiles for each of your betting customers. These will be the basis for most of the day-to-day activity your pay per head site processes online.

These profiles will also be the basis for the player management reports you can generate to track all of their online betting activity. By fully understanding their betting habits and traits, you can better market your bookie services to your entire customer base.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Account profiles also give you the opportunity to set any credit and betting limits as a form of control. You may want to tighten the reins a bit for a brand new customer or extend higher limits to your best sports bettors. These can easily be added and adjusted online through your player management tool box.

Pre-settlement Player Reports

Along with a running bet ticker and a player position report, another helpful tool is a pre-settlement player report. These can be generated at anytime to give you a real time update on any player’s current standing. This pertains to how much you owe them or how much they owe you ahead of your normal settlement time frame. Even with credit and betting limits in place, it is helpful to know exactly where you stand with each of your active betting customers.

While this same type of information can be found on a few different types of player management tools, the pre-settlement report can help you properly prepare for when you will actually be settling up.

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

Most private bookies try to balance out the ledger on a weekly basis to keep cash flowing, so it becomes very important to know where you currently stand heading into the heavier betting weekend.

By knowing each player’s pre-settlement figures, you can quickly identify who is close to maxing out their limits or owed a substantial amount of cash.

Player Settlement Statements

This is a bookie’s final tab for settling up each betting account. These statements list everyone who is owed money for the set period of time and how much they have won. The opposite is true for anyone with a negative balance plus commission.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

Monday or Tuesday mornings are the usual time frame to run your settlement statements, especially during football season. This is also the time to make any necessary adjustments to individual player accounts ahead of a new week of betting action.

The goal of every private bookie should be to stay well ahead of the curve in what can be a very volatile business environment. Having the right player management tools in place as part of your overall pay per head bookie services software package is crucial to that important initiative.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Football is back in business with start of a new season in the college ranks and the NFL. This becomes the busiest time of the year for the entire sports betting industry. By far, the NFL remains the biggest draw for sports bettors all across the country followed by betting action on the college games.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Even with the recent expansion of legal sports betting in additional states and ramped up efforts to attract US sports bettors by the big commercial online sportsbooks, the private bookie still handles the bulk of the football action coming in.

Finding the Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

The overall sports betting industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue every football season to further enhance the opportunity to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook. The first step to success is finding the right pay per head site to provide a turnkey online sports betting software solutions package.

While there are hundreds of options to take your bookie business online, all pay per head providers are not created equal. Experience and a high level of expertise are two of the most important factors when it comes to finding the right PPH service for your particular business needs.

The top pay per head shops do not take a “one size fits all” approach to online sports betting software solutions. They have the ability to tailor a package that gives you everything needed to handle the operational end of your bookie business. They can also make that software package extremely affordable when it comes to the weekly per head fees you pay for each active betting customer.

Balancing Your Betting Board During Football Season

Once you are up and running online with the right pay per head site, the next step is building a balanced betting board. Football will always be at the top of the list when it comes to weekly revenue. Yet, too heavy of a reliance on football this time of year is not a good thing.

The most successful private bookies have built a diversified sports betting customer cliental that is also looking to supplement their overall betting strategy. Savvy sports bettors know that there is still money to be made betting MLB games. The CFL is a viable football alternative as is the WNBA for basketball. There is always soccer action to be found and individual sports such as motor racing, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA fighting continue to offer weekly betting options.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

You need to view your bookie business as an independent sportsbook that can compete with the big commercial online books when it comes to your overall betting board. Your PPH service has direct access to the same betting options for more than 80 different sports. They can also set you up with online betting software for horse racing through your own racebook. A further expansion into online casino gambling games is another viable revenue stream.

You may be building some serious bottom-line profit with the football action coming in, but that income will not last forever. Football spans less than half the annual sports betting calendar. No matter how much money you make this football season, it will still be tough to spread that income out over the full 12 months of the year.

Working with a progressive bookie software provider, you currently have all the tools you need to build a bookie operation than can prosper both in the short term and over long haul. Football is the cash cow of the sports betting industry, but do not get caught only picking the low-hanging fruit on the entire sports betting money tree.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

One of the biggest business decisions any private bookie needs to make is which pay per head online sports betting software solutions provider best meets the needs of their business. Not all PPH services are created equal and shopping for one by price alone is a proven recipe for disaster.

Whether you are new to the bookmaking business or a veteran bookie with an established sports betting cliental, the pay per head company you entrust with the entire operational end of your business is a vital component for both short and long-term success. You need a price per head shop that can best meet your needs based on how you decide to run and manage your own independent sportsbook.

$7 per head or Less – A1 Price Per Head Basic Bookie Solution

While you do not want to pay extra for things that you do not need, you definitely do not want to skimp on the per price while sacrificing any features that can be a huge benefit to the day-to-day operations.

Gaining a clear and thorough understanding of how to run a private bookie operation is vital to understanding exactly what you need from your pay per head provider. You are always going to learn some more tricks of the trade through practical experience, but you should never go into any business venture blindly with the hope of being successful someday.

Finding the Right Pay Per Head Site

The online sports betting industry has made so many advances in technology and specialized online software solutions in recent years, every major player in the game has been forced to invest in the future to constantly keep pace. This is great news for private bookies looking to go online with a wide selection of quality pay per head options. It would be hard to say that one service is better than all the rest, but there are some pay per head sites that have put together a comprehensive software solutions package at a very attractive price point.

$10 Per Head Best Pay Per Head Software – Real Bookies

Just like any general consumer would comparison shop for a major household purchase, as a private bookmaker, you should comparison shop for the PPH service that you will entrust to handle the most important aspect of your business.

A few of the comparison items that should be on that shopping list include:

  • Online Security and Reliability
  • Live Customer Service Support
  • Real Time Edit Capabilities
  • Real Time Business Analytics
  • Mobile Betting Platform
  • Live In-Game Betting Capabilities
  • Other Applications for Revenue Streams (Racebook and Online Casino)

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

This is just a short list of the things you need to look for in a quality pay per head site. Something as simple as the response time for any initial inquiry you make should be noted. If you are interested in a particular pay per head site, their response time to that initial inquiry will quickly reveal just how interested they are in you and your bookie business.

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

Do not hesitate to ask questions about any feature or benefit included in the quoted weekly price per head fee. As mentioned, this will be one of the most important business decisions you will have to make. It is one of those decisions that you will want to get right the first time.

Checks and Balances for Your Current Pay Per Head Service

If you are an established private bookie running and managing a successful independent sportsbook, you probably made the right decision on a PPH service right out of the gate. That does not mean that you should be satisfied with a pay per head site if it is simply maintaining the status quo. You need a service that can help fuel your growth while also enhancing the services you provide your customers.

Your pay per head bookie software provider should act as a silent business partner that does have a vested interest in both your short and long-term success.


How Does Pay Per Head Work?

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Today’s advanced technology for online business applications have revolutionized a number of different industries over the past several years. Through continued investments into process improvement, technology continues to raise the bar for each of these industries year after year.

When it comes to the multi-billion-dollar sports betting industry in the United States alone, these advanced online applications has been the fuel feeding some tremendous growth and rapid expansion. It is no big secret that a large number of sports fans also love to wager on the games they watch.

Learn More : What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software?

These days, land-based sportsbooks are starting to pop up in more and more states around the county. They join a large number of big commercial online sportsbooks that have been catering to US bettors for the past few decades. However, what most sports bettors may not realize is that the private bookie is still the No. 1 source for all the betting on sports that does take place in this country.

Private Bookmakers and Pay Per Head Bookie Software

When the average person thinks of a private bookie, they still probably envision some guy hanging out at the local sports bar, private social club or pool hall taking bets. Right along with the entire sports betting industry, the private bookie has evolved into a seasoned business owner running a highly professional online sports betting operation. The main reason for this is Pay Per Head online sports betting software solutions.

Every online business application requires specific computer software geared toward completing specific processes. The bookie business is no different in its approach to conducting its operation online. A pay per head service provides turnkey online sports betting software that allows the private bookmaker to take their business online in the same fashion as commercial online sportsbooks.

The per head fee pertains to a weekly cost the bookie pays for each of their active betting customers. If you run your own book for 50 active sports bettors and your weekly price per head fee is $10, your weekly operating cost would be $500. For that low amount, you receive everything you need to mirror what the biggest commercial online books have in place to run their million-dollar websites.

Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions Continue to Evolve and Improve

This could be the biggest bargain going for a lost-cost alternative to starting a business that can provide a highly lucrative return on investment. While it is still the bookie’s job to find betting customers, all the tools needed to run and manage your own private sportsbook are included in that low, weekly pay per head fee.

Pay Per Head Features & Benefits

It would be beyond cost prohibitive to try and develop your own online sports betting software applications, so you should look at the per head fees you pay as a software lease. All maintenance and upgrades are covered by the Pay Per Head service. This also covers the high level of redundancy that is needed to avoid any online downtime. Every transaction that is processed through your pay per head site is completed in a safe and secure online environment.

Having your own built-in IT staff that keeps your bookie business up and running around the clock is one of the biggest features and benefits in your pay per head software solutions package.

You will also have fast and easy access to sharp betting lines and odds for over 80 different sports. Best of all, you can move your own lines and make changes to your betting board in a moments notice.

Real Bookies $10 Per Head Complete SolutionsA1 PPH $7 per Head Basic Service

Control is the name of the game in bookmaking and real-time analytics through any number of different business reports will always keep you way ahead of the curve when it comes to the daily betting action you take it.

How Pay Per Head works can be summed up as follows:

  • Lost cost, turnkey bookie software solutions
  • Constant business support through expert customer service
  • Online applications for building multiple revenue streams
What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

The term ‘pay per head’ automatically implies a set cost per person. Maybe it is a Sunday buffet or a trip to an old-time drive-in movie theater with a carload of people. For the purpose of highly sophisticated online sports betting software solutions, it pertains to the low weekly fee a bookie can pay for each of their active sports betting customers to receive the vital business tools needed to run a private book.

The Origins of Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

The rise of the Internet in the 90’s opened to door to any number of industries when it came to conducting business online. Smart and innovative bookmakers decided to set up shop in both Caribbean and Latin America countries with favorable sports betting laws to create online betting websites that could service the US market.

Real Bookie Price Per Head bookmaking software service is the leading choice for local bookies, professional credit bookmakers and sports betting agents worldwide.

It was illegal to operate a sportsbook in any state outside of Nevada according to federal laws on the books at that time in the United States. However, it was never specifically illegal to bet on sports in the US. These original bookmakers were the humble origins of some of the biggest online commercial sportsbooks in business today. An offshoot of that business was the development of online sports betting software solutions that could help a private bookie run and manage an independent sportsbook.

As the sports betting industry continued to expand at a very rapid pace in the coming years, both commercial books and private bookmakers thrived. Further advances in technology and software applications have fueled this growth in recent years to the point where private bookies continue to account for the lion’s share of the sports betting revenue generated in the US market.

Putting Pay Per Head to Work for You

Given the quality and extensive array of business tools that PPH services bring to the table with today’s price per head plans, any private bookie can quickly level the playing field against the big offshore books operating online.

PayPerHead247 is without a doubt a logical choice in quality Pay Per Head Service needed to successfully operate an Offshore Bookmaking Service

This turnkey online sports betting application gives you a highly sophisticated and professional means to grow and expand your overall customer base. While there may be different price per plans to choose from depending on the services you require, you will always have a fixed weekly cost of doing business depending on the active size of that betting base. A fixed weekly cost with no hidden fees or added expenses allows you to maintain cash flow while building your overall bottom-line profits.

A private bookmaker earns the difference between the money paid out for winning bets and the money plus commission (or juice) taken in on the losing ones. This is known as your hold percentage. Anything that can help reduce overall operating expenses such as low pay per head fees is a direct enhancement to that overall bottom line.

Pay Per Head as a Silent Business Partner

Going it on your own in any startup business comes with a level of risk. There are more business failures that successes over the long-haul, but proper planning and the proper business tools can dramatically increase your chances for long-term success as a private bookmaker.

With the right processes and online applications to handle the operational end of your bookie business, the right pay per head site can free up your time to cover the sales and marketing end of things. You should think of your Price Per Head service as a silent business partner that has a vested interest in your success.

The best pay per head sites in the sports betting industry understand that the long-term financial health of their agents directly impacts the long-team financial health of their business. Backed by a highly trained customer service team, they can provide the proper online sports betting solutions to make things a win-win for each side of this business relationship.


How Safe and Secure is Your Pay Per Head Provider?

How Safe and Secure is Your Pay Per Head Provider?

Given how much business is conducted online these days, internet security has become a top priority for both companies and customers. Hacks into systems and breaches of sensitive information are still major concerns. As security systems become more and more sophisticated, so do the cyber criminal’s attempts to bypass these added measures.

For the most part, the pay per head bookie software industry does a good job at safeguarding its online database. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a price per head shop, your betting customers are trusting you to keep their personal information safe and secure.

Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions Continue to Evolve and Improve

Along with an operating system with a high level of reliability, online security also ranks very high on the list for the top pay per head sites in business today. You will often times hear a company talk about triple redundancy throughout their entire database. This simply refers to a high level of reliability that the system will not go down. It can also refer to the fact that the system will be hard to hack.

Backup systems increase that level of redundancy to ensure that both you as the agent and your entire customer base will be able to access their online account 24/7 every single day of the year. Triple redundancy and 99.9 percent uptime are two very important features that every quality Pay Per Head service should be able to offer.

Another important feature is DDOS Mitigation. This refers to the level of effective protection against the most advanced cyber threats. The top pay per head sites take outside threats extremely serious. The best way to protect your servers is with a DDOS mitigation service that can monitor, detect and mitigate any outside attacks. This, in turn, protects your bookie business from outages, disruptions and other unwanted data breaches that ensure business continuity.

Now is the Right Time to Start Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head

If you have had any issues with reliability and/or security in the past, it is time to start looking for a new price per head shop. These type of issues should be treated with zero tolerance given just how costly they can be to your business operations.

Your customers are counting on you to be up and running on a regular basis. They also expect that every transaction with their online betting account is conducted in a safe and secure manner. Creating any doubt in your customer’s mind that you can not provide these services will erode their confidence in you as a professional bookmaker.

Fortunately, there are any number of pay per head providers that have made the necessary investments in their operating systems and bookie software solutions package to keep all of their online transactions safe and secure in a highly reliable manner. They have also developed online betting applications that are very user friendly.

Having the right price per head shop as a silent business partner can also be a great marketing tool for your bookie business. You can use all of these advanced features as selling points for why someone should book their sports bets with you.

The biggest advantage you have against the big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online is the higher level of customer service and attention to detail that you can provide. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for that added touch that the big online books simply cannot match. The right PPH service backing everything up with a comprehensive set of online bookie software solutions more than pays for the low, weekly per head fee you are paying for each of your active betting customers. These are solutions that you could never duplicate on your own.


Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions Continue to Evolve and Improve

Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions Continue to Evolve and Improve

Every industry continues to change and evolve over the years. In recent decades, advanced technology and online software solutions have been the driving force behind change and that continues at an even more rapid pace today.

Now is the Right Time to Start Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head

Any business owner needs to be able to adapt the operational and administrative procedures to accommodate this ever-changing business environment. Often times, this comes at a tremendous cost that requires new technology, operating software and updated equipment. Unfortunately, these rapid changes have also made some businesses obsolete. They have also led to the downfall of quite a few businesses that were unable to change with the times for one reason or another.

Fortunately, if you decided to open your own independent sportsbook as a private bookmaker, the Pay Per Head business model continues to do all of the heavy lifting to keep your business up to speed and way ahead of the curve.

The top price per head online sports betting software providers are the ones shouldering the cost when it comes to updating their current operating and administrative software solutions. They may have to pass on a small increase in the already low weekly fee you pay for each of your active sports betting customers, but this is still one of the best deals going for private bookies.

The biggest driving force behind constant improvement in the products and services a Pay Per Head company provides is heated competition. Going from a handful of price per head shops to an industry that now numbers in the hundreds, only the strongest will survive. The top PPH service sites are the ones willing to make the necessary investments to maintain and often times increase their advantage over the competition. This, in turn, becomes a major advantage for private bookies just like yourself.

How Realbookies Can Help You Set Up A White Label SportsBook

There is no viable financial way for any independent bookmaker to stay ahead of the technology curve without the help and support of a quality Pay Per Head site. The fact that you can successfully run and manage you own sportsbook in today’s highly competitive business environment with a fixed cost tied to your online sports betting software solutions is a major plus. When you start to add up everything that is included in that low, weekly per head fee, it becomes one of the best values going in today’s high priced world of doing business.

While the basic software behind online sports betting applications does remain rather consistent across the Pay Per Head industry with limited software platforms, do not be lulled into thinking that all Pay Per Head sites are the same. The companies that remain committed to improving their sports betting software solutions are the same ones that have rose above that competition with a superior product.

As a private bookie, you should always have a system of checks and balances in place to make sure that your current Price Per Head provider continues to make the grade. The whole goal of any software package is make life easier for the end user. If there are certain features and benefits lacking in your current PPH service that can increase productivity while also helping you compete in a tough business environment, it is probably time to make a change.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

A simple search between your current price per head plan verse some competing services can be an eye-opening exercise. Avoid the temptation of comparing the price per head you pay as opposed to comparing what you get for that price. A slight increase in the pay per head fee could be well worth the added weekly cost if it helps you run and manage a more efficient and profitable sportsbook.



Now is the Right Time to Start Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head

Now is the Right Time to Start Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head

Sports betting across the entire industry has been booming for quite some time. Starting with the land-based sportsbooks in Las Vegas and moving to the offshore sportsbooks taking action online, the overall handle for sports betting in the United States alone in a multi-billion-dollar take.

Recent changes to the law in the US regarding sports betting has opened the door to more and more states joining Nevada with land-based and online books. The upside potential for future industry growth remains extremely high as more and more states enter the sports betting market.

Get Off the Sideline and Into the Game with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

What most sports bettors do not realize is just how much of this total market is actually controlled by independent bookmakers working with a Pay Per Head service for all their bookie software needs. Some estimates are as high as 60 percent. Two of the biggest reasons why private bookies still dominate the sports betting industry revolve around enhanced customer service and the ability to offer credit to betting customers.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that even the best online sportsbooks simply cannot match. A quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software package levels the competitive playing field against the big online sportsbooks and the added service a private bookie can provide creates that much-needed competitive edge.

RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry

As the whole sports betting industry continues to expand and grow, land-based and online betting venues are going to keep pulling out all the stops to attract sports bettors to their services. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you have an excellent opportunity to carve out your own niche given the high demand.

The customers are out there. Taking the right approach to marketing your bookie services will allow you to build a cliental that can provide a lucrative return on investment both in the short team as well as over the long haul.

The best thing about signing on with a quality price per head shop is the simple fact that you only pay for what you use. The low, weekly per head fee only applies to active betting customers that will quickly cover that business cost with the action they place.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

Once you sign on with the PPH service that is the best fit for your business needs, you will have the ability to create individual account profiles for each of your customers. Whether you have five or 500, you can maintain a very high level of control through the use of individual betting and credit limits. Since you can pick and choose which bettors to work with, you will always have a certain level of risk management in place.

Your Pay Per Head software package can provide real time business reports covering every aspect of your bookie business. From the daily action coming in to each player’s position at the end of any designated time frame, you will always be able to stay way out in front of things.

Running your own private book still takes dedication and hard work. Just about anyone can make money during football season, but the trick to long-term success in this industry is the ability to generate cash flow and bottom-line profits 52 weeks a year.

If you have been thinking about getting into the sports betting game, the timing has never been more conducive to start your own book. Once you gather up a handful of bettors and lock into a top Pay Per Head service, all the building blocks will be in place for a successful run.

Monitoring Super Bowl Betting Limits With Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Monitoring Super Bowl Betting Limits With Pay Per Head Bookie Software

If you are a private bookmaker trying to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook, you already know just how important betting limits and credit limits can be to your company’s bottom line.

Working in a highly volatile business environment can be stressful at times given the overall nature of sports betting. This is why having the right Pay Per Head bookie software provider in place is such an important part of the mix. Three crucial aspects of control are as follows:

  • The ability to move your own betting lines at a moment’s notice.
  • Fast and easy access to your overall online betting board to make the necessary changes that will protect your individual business interests.
  • The ability to create individual account profiles for each of your sports betting customers. This includes being able to set and quickly adjust any betting and credit limits you have in place.

A quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software solutions package will allow you to closely monitor your bookie business in all three of these crucial areas on a consistent basis.

Control will always be the most important part of the equation when it comes to managing an independent sportsbook on a day-to-day basis. You need the proper business tools to always stay way out in front of the daily, weekly and monthly action coming in.

There are ebbs and flows to any private bookie business over the course of a 12-month sports betting calendar, but the tide does not get any higher than Super Bowl Sunday. Starting two weeks earlier with the AFC and NFC Championship Games, the NFL betting season comes to a head the first Sunday in February with the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

Billions of dollars are wagered on the Super Bowl across the entire sports betting industry and this is your best chance to grab a big piece of that sports betting pie as long as you have the proper betting and credit limits in place.

Every private bookie business is different. However, every bookie business runs on the same basic principle. The money you make at the end of the day hinges on the amount you have to pay out  on winning bets verse the amount you take in on losing bets plus the commission charged. It does not get any simpler than that. However, every bookie knows that things do not always play out that way.

Reflect back on your worst week during the recent NFL regular season before thinking about your biggest weekly profit on NFL action over the past five months. The Super Bowl has the ability to double either result depending on how everything was managed.

Every private bookie has a built-in level of risk along with the risk management with your price per head software provides. There are tools already in place that can maintain whatever level of risk you are comfortable with. The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is the wrong time to step out of your comfort zone.

Matching the right betting and credit limits to each of your customer’s betting habits and tendencies makes good business sense. Just because one of your biggest bettors is in the midst of an extended losing streak is no reason to raise their limits for this one final game. There is a much higher level of predictability when your business practices remain consistent.

Once the gate is open and the horse is out and lose is not the time to worry about fixing the gate lock. Checks and balances are in place for a reason and, with the help of your PPH service, constantly monitored.

Charting Sports Bettor’s Habits with Pay Per Head

Charting Sports Bettor’s Habits with Pay Per Head

Most sports bettors can be considered creatures of habit. If you study their betting patterns and tendencies across a broad spectrum of placed bets, you can almost predict what games and which teams they will bet on next.

As a private bookmaker running and managing your own independent sportsbook, this type of information could be extremely helpful when it comes to planning out your weekly betting board. One of the biggest advantages you have over the big online sportsbooks in the sports betting industry is the ability to raise the bar when it comes to customer service and personal attention to detail. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of attention that the big online books simply cannot provide.

Get Off the Sideline and Into the Game with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Catering to your customer’s needs is a big part of the price per head bookie services you offer, but the main benefit of fully understanding each of your betting customer’s habits and betting tendencies is the added profit you can generate for you overall company bottom line.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is by working with your current Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider. Through backend support, there are any number of business reports you can run to quickly summarize the information you are looking for. It all starts with a comprehensive individual account profile for everyone of your betting customers. This should be a top down process from your biggest and most active sports bettors to anyone who has ever placed a bet through your private bookie service.

RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry

While these individual account profiles act as a control feature with customized betting and credit limits, they are also a complete and comprehensive record of each of your customer’s past betting history. These real-time business analytics can provide the proper information needed to effectively run and manage your own book. Staying way out in front of the daily betting action coming in is a big part of the picture. However, so is planning out the future with the right sales and marketing initiatives already in place.

Bettor’s habits rarely change and the ability to anticipate where the action may head for big betting matchups will help you plan accordingly. Your Pay Per Head software package also lets you set and move your own betting lines. It also lets you build out and change your overall betting board to best suit your business needs. Posting the right betting odds in a timely fashion to meet all of your customer’s sports betting needs will lead to a much higher handle at the end of every week.

Finding the Right Bettors for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Business

The information contained in each of these individual account profiles can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to marketing your private bookie services. Every individual bettor has their own habits and traits, but across a broader spectrum, commonalities will appear. This will allow you to directly target what type of sports bettors best fit for your particular business model. Another great aspect of running a private bookie business is being able to pick and choose the type of customers you wish to work with. Building business growth models using this highly targeted approach is the best way to expand your customer base.

How Real bookies Can Help You Set Up A White Label SportsBook

Knowing where you have been, where you are and where you want to go is the three-step process to long-term success in a highly competitive business environment. When it comes to the sports betting industry, everyone is looking for an edge. Your customers may think your bookie services are a cut above the rest, but they still want to take your money. Staying one step ahead of things with the help of Pay Per Head bookie software solutions is your key to success.